President Obama: Brees ... Always a class act

A Tweet from a former president

President Obama: Brees ... Always a class act
Former President Barack Obama tweeted to Drew Brees after his latest record. (Mark Lagrange) (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - What hasn’t Saints quarterback Drew Brees done in his career?

Tweet of congratulations from former President Barack Obama ... We’ll get to that in a second.

But first (Ctsy. SBNation)

  • Career completion percentage
  • Consecutive seasons with 4,500 passing yards
  • Single-season passing yards per game
  • Career completions (6,344)
  • Most seasons leading the NFL in passing yards (7)
  • Most career 400-yard passing games (16)
  • Most career 300-yard passing games (111)
  • Total completions in a season (471 in 2016)
  • Single-season completion percentage (72 percent in 2017)
  • Touchdown passes in a single game (tied for first)
  • Consecutive games with a touchdown pass (54)
  • Consecutive games with 300 passing yards (9, twice)
  • Most 5,000-yard passing seasons (5)
  • Most seasons leading the league in passing (7)

But check this out:

That was for all-time passing yardage in a career: 72,103. And he still has time to go.


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