Bad gas at Shell on Ridgewood Road breaks down cars

Bad gas at Shell on Ridgewood Road breaks down cars

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Several gas station customers are now looking for a mechanic after their cars broke down after pumping watered down gas into their tanks.

It happened at the Shell gas station on Ridgewood Road, just north of Adkins Boulevard, this morning.

Four customers had their vehicles stop a few feet from the pumps after filling up.

The Mississippi Department of Agriculture was called in to test the gas.

In a statement released today they said an inspector found water levels in the regular and premium gas storage tanks that exceeded the allowable state tolerance levels.

The station was told to bag their pumps and stop selling gas.

bad gas Ridgewood Shell
bad gas Ridgewood Shell (Source: David Kenney)

Customers say they saw what was coming out of the pumps, and it looked like a brown sludge.

“As we were leaving the car started stuttering, cutting off smoking, so we bring the car back talked to the owner and got him to come out and put gas in the bucket," said one customer. "It came out looking like this here. I’m concerned about having my wife’s car fixed, cause it’s our only transportation getting back and forth to work and getting our daughter to school.”

Those with car problems say they talked to the owners of the gas station, who promised to pay for the repairs to their vehicles.

We will keep you updated on whether or not the owners stand by their word.

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