SportsDeck Spotlight: Mixing football with family at Warren Central

The Morgan family dates back decades at WC

Mixing football with family

WARREN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Combining football and family is normally an easy task, but what about working with your family when football is the job? The Morgan family has been doing that for decades at Warren Central.

“We were born and raised at Warren Central. We were literally reared in this field house,” Current Warren Central Head Coach Josh Morgan said. “That’s all we ever knew was Warren Central football.”

It all started in 1968 with Robert Morgan Sr. as the head coach. Robert had three sons, each about 3 years apart, and he groomed all of them to lead the Vikings during their tenure.

“They were my quarterbacks for about 10 years. It would be one after the other,” Robert Morgan Sr. said. “It was fun to have breakfast every morning with your quarterback.”

Fast forward a few years, Robert Sr. retired from coaching and all of the Morgan brothers went on to play at Mississippi State. The brothers then each began a coaching career of their own.

Josh spent time at the University of Memphis as a grad assistant before heading back to his roots to be a defensive coordinator for the Vikings. He spent four years in that role, then in 2010 the head coaching position opened up.

“He didn’t know if he wanted to apply for the job,” Robert Sr. said. “I told him it’s always good to apply for the job. It’s good to experience the interview and just go through the process. It’s just like playing football. The only way you’re going to find out about a game is to put it out there and kick it off and see what happens.”

Josh took over the program and hired his older brother (Robert Jr.) and father to help. A rare situation none of them envisioned, but they couldn’t image it any other way.

“It was none of our goal to ever watch it work out like this after we all kind of did our thing,” Josh said. “The relationship that me and Rob (Robert Jr.) have is truly special. We have each others' back and we know we can trust each other. I think that’s very, very important. The only time I’ve ever had trouble with my father was when he tried to pull me out of a game when I was a young quarterback. That was an interesting ride home. We have a great relationship. A great, strong family.”

A situation like this makes it hard for either brother to pursue other opportunities.

“Very, very blessed to be where I am,” Josh said. “I don’t know what the future holds for me nor do I want to. I think that we do make a difference at Warren Central. I think that we’re chasing a dream and everybody is doing it together. That has been pretty fun to go after.”

“What I could foresee is this,” Robert Jr. explained. "Me fifteen years down the road looking back and thinking that was the best time I ever had coaching was when I was with my dad and my brother... So why would I leave that if I know nothing can top it.

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