GOTW: Jackson Academy sticking to film and speed for winning recipe

The Raiders' offense and defense are looking to make a mark against MRA and bounce back from a loss to Prep.

Jackson Academy sticking to film and speed for winning recipe

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -The Jackson Academy Raiders and the Madison Ridgeland Academy Patriots face off in the WLBT/Fox 40 Game of the Week.

This week, there is no more motivation needed.

Jackson Academy is coming off a loss to Prep, and face off against MRA, a team they beat last season 30-7. Last time they played against the Patriots at the Brickyard, the script was flipped for the Raiders -- something that they’re trying to make sure doesn’t happen again.

That means practicing not just on the field, but also in the film room for offensive lineman John Porch.

“We watch tons of film," said offensive lineman John Porch. "Every single day after practice, we go watch about an hour, hour and a half of film. Make sure we know every kind of blitz and every kind of protection that they’re running and every kind of like defensive scheme. If they go three man front, four man front. So I think that it makes everyone feel better to know that we have everything covered and that there’s no chance of us messing up.”

The Raiders are facing off against another unbeaten opponent in Madison Ridgeland Academy -- a team that Coach Larry Weems says is looking like a well-oiled machine on both sides of the ball.

“They’re firing on all cylinders, they’re throwing and catching it really well. Very solid running game also," said Coach Weems. "Putting alot of points up, every week. So obviously, offensively, they’re extremely well. And heck, defensively, they haven’t given up many.”

JA says the pace of their game will also be a factor come Friday.

“We kind of feel like a more speedy team. We just have like different play concepts and stuff, but I mean I think they’re both good teams and that we both put up a lot numbers," said Porch. “Both our defenses are really good. So it will be fun to see what happens.”

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