Mississippi Attorney General warns against e-cigarette use among teens

Mississippi AG warns about juuling

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - If you hear your kids talking about “JUULING,” they’re not talking about a new jewelry trend.

Instead, they could be puffing away at something that looks more like a flash drive.

“These things, and they do look like something you’d use with a computer, are just drug delivery systems," said State Health Officer Dr. Mary Currier. "They’re specifically nicotine delivery systems and nicotine is very addictive.”

Dangerous new trend
Dangerous new trend (Source: KLTV)

Attorney General Jim hood is joining forces with other state agencies and organizations for a public awareness campaign.

“The problem is, grown ups may use it to get off cigarettes," noted Hood. "But it’s just a gateway for young people.”

Students like Cornelius Powers say vaping has become a common site, even on school grounds.

“On many occasions I’ve walked into restrooms and was greeted by a cloud of smoke,” said Powers.

But investigators learned that some shops were mixing their own concoctions.

“It’s mixed in mom and pop stores, in the back of these stores by people who are not licensed," explained Hood. "There are no standards as to what these pods can contain.”

In many cases, there are flavors being marketed to teens. But the bureau of narcotics recently found that some of the locally mixed versions contained more than nicotine.

“Fentanyl, spice, THC, different drugs,” Hood added.

Past the PSA’s, the next steps include asking the legislature for help in adding that e-cigarettes be regulated and taxed in the same way as traditional tobacco products.

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