Jackson Prep looks to maintain bragging rights over Jackson Academy

The Patriots will face the Raiders at 7 p.m. Friday in the WLBT/Fox40 Game of the Week

Jackson Prep looks to maintain bragging rights over Jackson Academy
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - When you think of Prep and JA, you think of rivalry, but the last time the Raiders beat the Patriots was in 2013.

So does Jackson Prep even consider this game a rivalry anymore?

“This is what we’re looking forward to every single year and so are they,” said linebacker/running back Dixon Hughes. “It’s going to be a really good competition. We know all of these guys and we’re good friends. It’s just fun to have a game against your friends. It’s fun to beat them, too.”

“It’s a huge rivalry I’d say,” said senior safety/wide receiver Peyton Greenwood. "They’re three or four miles away. Some of them are our best friends. It’s still an intense rivalry I’d say.

"This is always a good series. It really is,” said Prep head coach Ricky Black. "They have a great football team this year. It’s a few times we come into this game with both teams undefeated so we know this is going to be a tough contest for us and it’s always a rivalry game that you talk about until you play the next time.

Jackson Prep has outscored their opponents 284-17 so far this season, but a win is never promised so the Patriots remain focused.

“We know they have a really good quarterback coming in and they have a couple of good skill guys,” added Greenwood. “We just have to work on tackling and keeping it in the pocket.”

“We have a couple of other teams that will bring out that same rivalry feeling, but of course when it’s Jackson Academy and Jackson Prep, it’s a big deal,” said Coach Black.

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