Three on the Road: Roosevelt State Park

A Run Away that’s Not That Far Away
(Walt Grayson)
Published: Sep. 25, 2018 at 7:14 PM CDT
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MORTON, MS (WLBT) - Roosevelt State Park was a CCC project during the Great Depression.

The Civilian Conservation Corp worked for five years clearing woods, building Shadow Lake and a bunch of cabins. A lot has been added since then to make Roosevelt a run away that isn’t all that far away.

The most recognizable feature in Roosevelt State Park from the old CCC days is also probably the most popular feature of the park, too-- the old cabins built way back then. They must be pretty popular. Weekend bookings run about two years in advance. You may luck up and get one for a weekday evening, though. Park Administrator Andre Hollis thinks he knows why people like the old cabins so much. “And a lot of people like those because they’ve got that rustic feel.”

(Walt Grayson)

That’s why I like them. The old feel is a part of the get away from the everyday that I like when I come out to Roosevelt State Park. The park is over a hundred and fifty acres carved out of the Bienville National Forest.

In here there is still the distant sound of the interstate if you listen close for it. And you can hear a train way back somewhere now and again. But you can also hear nature in the forefront. You can SEE nature here, too. And even some of the parts of the park built by people seem like they grew here.

(Walt Grayson)

Administrator Hollis says, “I enjoy the whole park because I was born and raised in Morton, so. This is just like home to me. And I’ve been working here for 21 years. So I jut enjoy everything about it. The cabins is the big draw. ‘Cause people love our cabins. Our cabins stay booked up just about every weekend.”

Somebody once said if you love your job you’ll never go to work a day in your life. Guess the same could be said about loving WHERE you work. And where Administrator Hollis works is where a bunch of us in the middle part of the state like to go play when we can. And that work morphing into play carries all the way back to how the park started, the CCC working and getting to go to work in a time when there weren’t that many jobs, so we could be playing nowadays at Roosevelt State Park in Morton.

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