Consider This: Time to pick up your trash

Consider This: Time to pick up your trash

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District is addressing the trash issue at the Reservoir spillway, proposing that everyone fishing from the banks of the waterway have a dedicated trash receptacle.

Many people who fish along the spillway leave their bait containers, drink cans and other trash on the rocks and levee.

The plan to clean up the area is a simple, inexpensive solution, and will make fishing near the spillway a much better experience.

However, just like any new idea, it will be short lived if there is no accountability for people who don’t follow the rules. If officers follow through and enforce the rules, it will only take a few people getting charged to get everyone’s attention, because someone who breaks the law could be fined up to $1,000.

There are a few hurdles before the new rules go into effect, but there shouldn’t be any issues that will derail the process.

Hopefully the requirements will be in place later this year or the first of 2019 and the trash will no longer litter the waterway but go into a container where it belongs. And if you’re fishing at the Reservoir… or enjoying the outdoors anywhere…follow the motto: Leave it better than you found it.

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