Jackson family without set of wheels thanks to massive pothole

Repairs are set to cost over $3,000

Jackson family without set of wheels thanks to massive pothole

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -A Jackson family is without a set of wheels this week, all thanks to a hidden pothole.

Clinton Alexander says he was driving Sunday night in the rain, when he suddenly struck a large pothole on Northside Drive near the I-55 Frontage Road.

The hole was so big it partially swallowed one of his tires.

car damaged by pothole
car damaged by pothole (Source: David Kenney)

His vehicle suffered heavy front end damage with a bent control arm, tie rod, strut and axle.

Alexander was unable to take his daughter to school and his wife to work, because their car was in the shop getting an estimate on the repair work he now needs.

He says he’s holding the city responsible and believes they should foot the bill.

“Now I got to go buy another vehicle cause I don’t think this car is ever going to drive the way it is," said Alexander. “It’s all in the brakes, the orange light the sliding light comes on it’s terrible.”

Alexander says he filled out paper work with the City of Jackson Risk Management Division.

They told him he would have to first get a repair estimate before they would work on his case.

A mechanic told Alexander late Monday the repairs would come to $3,386.49.

We’ll let you know if they reimburse him for the repair costs.

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