SportsDeck Spotlight: Willis is Velma Jackson’s Mr. Do-It-All

SportsDeck Spotlight: Willis is Velma Jackson’s Mr. Do-It-All
Antavious Willis at practice for Velma Jackson.


SportsDeck Spotlight: Antavious Willis

Something clicked for Antavious Willis this off-season prior to his senior year.

“The switch came a little bit later than expected, but it came,” says the Velma Jackson senior. “And when it came, I just knew it was time. I can’t play around no more. It’s my last year. I want to make a big statement.”

And a statement he’s made. Willis leads the state in rushing. His 23 total touchdowns are second best in the nation, and no one in the country has more than his 153 points. He even kicks extra points for Velma Jackson.

“We’re going to ask him to play quarterback. We ask him to play running back. We play him some at receiver,” says Velma Jackson head coach Bernard Euell. “He will handle kickoff duty for us, and he also does extra points. He sells everything but popcorn.”

It’s a role Willis accepts with pride. “Whatever I have to do to get my team on top and to win, I’ll do it,” says Willis.

Willis’ gaudy statistics are a product of his hard work, and come as no surprise to his coach.

“I’m not surprised. I’ll be straightforward with you, I’m not," says Euell. “This kid has trained for this moment. What people are seeing now are the things he’s prepared himself to be.”

Now, all that’s left is for Willis to lead the Falcons to the state championship.

“This is our year,” says Willis. “We all feel like that. We all believe in that.”

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