Rundown with Rachel: AP Top 25 week 3

AP Top 25 voter Rachel Richlinski breaks down her week 3 picks

Rundown with Rachel: AP Top 25 week 3

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - I’m an AP Top 25 voter this year for college football and since I’m the only voter in Mississippi, I thought it would be fun to share my votes with everyone and give some insight on why I voted the way I did.

Rachel Richlinski's Week 2 vs. Week 3 Top 25 votes. Source: WLBT
Rachel Richlinski's Week 2 vs. Week 3 Top 25 votes. Source: WLBT

Above are my week 3 votes, compared to my week 2.

Very little movement up top for me. I think anyone who puts a team above Alabama right now is crazy.

Now, Clemson had me a little concerned after its performance against Texas A&M. I had the Aggies in my preseason poll, but took them out in week two. So you’re telling me an unranked team gave CLEMSON a run for its money?! Well, since the Tigers still came out on top I kept them at number two, but a great performance from first year head coach Jimbo Fisher is why I brought A&M back into the mix.

The Penn State / Notre Dame swap was due to Penn State’s 51–6 statement victory over a Power Five opponent in Pittsburgh. Notre Dame on the other hand, only topped Ball State by 8 points.

Stanford gets a plus one for beating a ranked team in USC.

Now to Mississippi State.

Man do those Bulldogs look GOOD. First Power Five road win since 1995 for the Bulldogs after beating Kansas State and Kylin Hill had a monster of a game. He rushing for over 200 yards. Honestly, I really can’t believe other voters are putting MSU any lower than 11.

West Virginia handed it to Youngstown State , not a tough opponent but Will Grier threw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns plus three different running backs scored, so the Mountaineers at least showed off their versatility.

Virginia Tech, Washington, Boise State all up two spots. These moves are mostly due to the other shifts I made. Especially dropping Michigan State so low.

I do have Washington a little lower than most voters but that week 1 performance against Auburn has me thinking I made the right choice. The Huskies did rebound at home, so they’ll inch up a bit.

Boise State killed UConn, but this isn’t basketball so that’ll only get you so far guys.

UCF. The Knights extend their winning streak to 15 games. That’s worth something, right??

A lot of those teams moved up thanks to USC moving down.

Oregon QB Justin Herbert threw four TD’s for the Ducks and former Ole Miss quarter back Shea Patterson threw his first TD as a Michigan Wolverine. So maybe things are looking up for Jim Harbaugh’s squad.

Arizona State came out of nowhere. The Sun Devils enter the top 25 for the first time since 2015 and they earned it after upsetting Michigan State 16-13.

I really thought Florida would be a solid team this season, but Dan Mullen proved otherwise after losing to Kentucky.



South Carolina. So, some crazy folks thought that Gamecocks would actually beat Georgia. That’s laughable. I didn’t want to drop South Carolina just for losing to a top 5 team, but it wasn’t a close game and someone had to go.

And that’s it for my week 3 votes!

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