First male Saintsation settles into season

First male Saintsation settles into season
Jesse Hernandez

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -In a sea of lovely ladies, he’s not hard to find. Jesse Hernandez is the only male Saintsation.

"When you first step in the dome it's lights and it's breathtaking to walk in there like that," he said. "I really want everyone to know it's always been a dream to dance on a level like this."

His mom sent him a link about the L.A. Rams selecting their first male cheerleaders. She told him it was his time to shine.

"Jesse Walks in and had this vibe about him and he owned the room. I knew he was going to be great. He would be part of the team, I had no doubt," said veteran Saintsation Amber Scott.

Jesse Hernandez (Source: WVUE)
Jesse Hernandez (Source: WVUE)

Most welcomed the dancer with the pompadour. His hometown of Maurice Louisiana, population about 2,000 see him as a celebrity.

"Driving into our town there are signs with my name," he said.

Jesse has been dancing since the age of two, training for this moment his whole life.

His mother Tracey Hernandez was his dance teacher.

"He's taken Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop...he does it all except tumbling," his mother said.

"I was very nervous for him, more nervous than he was. I knew he could do it but it's a lot of people to dance in front of.

Jesse said the hardest thing for him was the kickline. It's hard to get the stamina to keep his legs up.

"Just the kicks, that was it," his mom said. "You need to stretch some more and get those legs up!"

The ladies are cheering him on.

"It’s a distraction when he’s not there at this point because he’s our Jesse. We need him, we love him and we are happy to have him.

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