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January 31, 2009

Reginald's Big Day

Reginald's Big Day

by Chuck Stinson


Ridgeland's Reginald Castilla was having the time of his life Friday.

The winner of the NFL's and Samsung's "How I See It" contest, he was flown into Tampa and touring radio row like all the big celebrities in town. Reginald told his story, on a whim, to an NFL crew in Washington D.C. back in the fall and his story was chosen as the winner out of 400 nationwide entries.

You'll see a version of his story in a commercial during the pregame broadcast on NBC.

His story being played out in front of the world is great, but the real prize for Reginald was getting to rub elbows with all the NFL elite this week and a trip to the game Sunday.

An avid Dallas Cowboys fan, he even did a radio interview with Michael Irvin. I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of his day.

What a great reward for a great guy.  

The story ran Friday night on WLBT. You can see it on line right here on 


Meeting Faith

by Chuck  Stinson

Faith Hill of Star, Mississippi will be one of the featured performers at the Super Bowl during the pregame ceremonies. She was at a press conference today and quite engaging. I got a chance to ask her a question about growing up in Star and what she dreamed of as a kid.

Her answer was great and John Matthews put it into a story for the news along with a comment from halftime entertainment Bruce Springsteen. He was very entertaining and the halftime show will be a blast. It's only 12 minutes but he will have the stadium and television audience rockin'.

As for football, the players are starting to gather in Tampa and buzzing around the Media Center doing interviews with all the various radio and televisions stations. The excitement is starting to grow.

I'm hoping to catch up with Mississippian Reginald Castilla Friday. He won the NFL Super Fan contest and his story will be told in a pregame commercial on Sunday.


Tampa Two

by Chuck Stinson

Day two in Tampa was nothing quite like day one. Super Bowl media day is one that you need a break to recover from and we had a least a little bit of one today.

Our day mainly consisted of heading over to the media center in downtown Tampa, about ten miles from where we are staying, and catching the Fed-Ex NFL Air and Ground Player of the Year Awards.

Our reason for going was that Drew Brees of the Saints was picking up the Air award. We had a chance to talk to him about that award and hope you caught our story.

Tomorrow we will be doing some more at the Media Center. It really starts to pick up on Thursday with NFL stars coming into town and doing radio row interviews. We are hoping to catch a few of the local guys and talk about their years.

I'm starting to get excited about the game. I'm believing the hype that the Cardinals can win and will make a good game of it.

Afterall, that's all we want when our team is there anyway isn't it?

One final thing. I got some grief from my wife about the girl in my Media Day piece. Does she not understand it's my job?

Media Day

by Chuck Stinson

I've done Media Day for eight of the nine Super Bowls I have been lucky to attend and it never seems to amaze me nor does it ever get old.

It's more on a spectacle than anything with probably 50 percent of the 34 hundred credentialed media more interested in being the story than telling the story. I had a little dose of that myself tonight at six but it's part of the experience.

It was a fruitful day for John Matthews and myself. I think I wore ole Johnny out with all the running around we were doing. He's out of 'Media Day' shape I guess.

Even though there aren't a lot of Mississippians that will play a big part in the game, there are a lot of Mississippi stories here. One of the ones I'm most interested in sharing on the air this week is that of Lance Long and Desmond Sherrod. They have a combined one touchdown during their careers at Mississippi State. Yet both are on practice squads for the Super Bowl representatives (Long-AZ Sherrod-PITT). It's an interesting story.

There are also many other stories going on here this week that we will get too. Tomorrow at the Media Center, Drew Brees should win a major NFL Award. We will have that and a look at Jeremy Parquet, who played at Southern Miss and is now a Steelers backup offensive lineman.

I'll rejoin you tomorrow after a good night's sleep. John is already gone off to la- la land. I didn't know he snored.


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