Metro stores on lookout for counterfeit cash - - Jackson, MS

Flowood 11/23/08

Metro stores on lookout for counterfeit cash

By Julie Straw - bio | email

FLOWOOD, MS (WLBT) - A few days ago WLBT reported that a woman used a counterfeit $100.00 bill at a store in northeast Jackson.

She's still on the loose and probably has done this before.

A Flowood business owner said that same woman tried to pass a fake bill at her store recently.

About three weeks ago at Pink Bombshell at the Dogwood Shopping area a brunette woman walked into the store.

In store surveillance video she kept her sunglasses on the entire time.

After roughly 15 minutes she went to purchase a marked down shirt with a $100.00 bill.

Immediately the employee behind the counter could tell it was counterfeit.

"There was no face on the bill. No line on the side. She said it was really thin and just looked fake," said Pink Bombshel owner Jennifer Simmons.

The employee told the woman she could not accept the bill.

Without argument the woman took it back and left immediately.

Flowood police were called, and Simmons put it out of her mind until Thursday.

"I saw Bert's report on the news and I saw her walking around Brent's Drugs with the sunglasses and I said oh, that's got to be the same girl," Simmons recalled.

Brent's Drugs received a counterfeit bill Wednesday from a brunette woman wearing sunglasses.

We compared surveillance videos.

The woman in both pictures appears to be the same person.  

"We're working just as hard as everybody else, and it's really not fair for them to come in and give $100 bills to merchants and the merchant is the one out of the money," the store owner added.

Allen Bryant, the special agent in charge of Secret Service for Mississippi, said they average about $20,000.00 a month in counterfeit bills statewide.

The problem is concentrated in the Jackson metro area.

While the holiday shopping season kicks off, Bryant suggests store owners and employees take extra time to inspect large bills.

"If individuals would take the time to look for security features, the water mark, the security thread, things of that nature, counterfitting could be caught at that point," said Bryant.  

If you know anything about the woman passing counterfeit bills please call your local enforcement agency.  

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