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Jackson, MS 11/13/08

New revelations in federal probe of Scruggs case

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - New developments regarding a possible conspiracy involving imprisoned lawyer Dickey Scruggs, and his former law partner Joey Langston. Court records this week reveal that Langston testified before a Federal Grand Jury Oct. 23 in an ongoing bribery investigation centered in Hinds County. In a motion filed Wednesday prosecutors said his testimony exceeded government expectations. It also says, "It is anticipated that his cooperation will continue through teh prosecution of subsequent defendants now under investigation.

The Federal government is apparently willing to give Joey Langston a break off this three year prison sentence. The Fed's say Langston has cooperated to an extent that clearly exceeds the government's expectations.  The motion for downward departure reveals Langston met with Department of Justice prosecutors on multiple occassions, admitting and detailing his role in Dickie Scruggs' legal team's efforts to allegedly influence Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter in Wilson v. Scruggs case. It will be up to the court to decide if Langston gets a shorter prison sentence.

The government document says Langston's file Number 1313, the file for Wilson versus Scruggs was discussed in detail with Langston as was Dickie Scrugg's involvement in the DeLaughter conspiracy. 

The motion filed November 11th, indicates the disbarred lawyer provided copies of flight logs, calendars and contracts regarding payments to former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters. The court papers state, on February 15, 2008, Langston and Tony Farese met with AUSAs at the United States Attorney's Office.  Langston was questioned regard his relationship with Ed Peters and the money paid to Peters. 

Scruggs allegedly used and paid Langston and Peters to influence DeLaughter. Delaughter's name may have been put up for consideration of a Federal judgeship. Former Senator Trent lott's name was linked, but both deny that ever happened. No one has been charged.

Langston was the only lawyer to plead guilty in this on-going investigation. The motion indicates Langston was questioned about the role of mysterious businessman P.L. Blake. Blake was a shadowy figure in the Scruggs scandal.

The document suggesting his prison time be reduce, mentions Langston's heart attack, and possible risk to his family. October 3, 2008 it states a possible intruder was at his home, a van was seen loaded with electronic equipment. No one was caught.

New revelations, adding even more intrigue to a case that has stunned the nations' legal community. 

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