Voting problems? Depends on who you ask. - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 11/04/08

Voting problems? Depends on who you ask.

By Jon Kalahar -

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -   With such a huge voter turnout, the worry then becomes making sure problems within the voting process don't prevent voters from casting their ballot.

But depending on who you talk to, the problems on election day have ranged from minor to unbelievable.

This "Protect the Vote '08" call center was organized to record problems voters were having casting their vote at the polls.

Complaints range from poll workers asking for photo i-d to names not appearing on voter rolls. That's what happened to Jackson resident Georgia Anderson.

Sot Anderson 35:50"I went up this morning to vote and my name wasn't on the book, but they let me vote through an affidavit ballot," said Anderson.

Problems like Anderson's have been minor, but in some cases unbelievable.

"Widespread reports in six or seven counties of machines that actually change the vote," said Yumeka Rushing, Protect The Vote '08.

At the secretary of state's office, Delbert Hosemann says his staff is staying on top of all problems reported to his office, but so far so good.

"Right now, we've had no issue at all about people not being able to vote and people should come vote," said Hosemann.

The "Protect the vote" group has sent several lawyers out to the polls to help resolve certain problems, but Hosemann says he has 125 technicians to help with any voting machine problems and members of his staff and the Attorney General's staff out across the state to take care of any issues that should arise.

"I rely more on what they're telling you then what somebody else is telling you. Aw, we sent ten lawyers out here to help one person, that may be true but I think quite frankly we can handle it quicker than they can," said Hosemann.

The "Protect the Vote" initiative is expected to compile a report of the voting problems and release it next month.

If you would like to report a problem you ran into while voting, you can go to our web site at  We have the telephone numbers for several groups you can report your problem to.

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