Senate candidates make final push - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS 11/03/2008

Senate candidates make final push

By Julie Straw - bio | email

Jackson, MS (WLBT) -  It's a close race between senatorial candidates Roger Wicker and Ronnie Musgrove.  Monday both men travelled across the state meeting with the media while volunteers made a final push for voters on the phones.  Campaign volunteers for Roger Wicker and Ronnie Musgrove stay glued to the phones, reaching out to thousands of Mississippi voters before the polls open Tuesday morning.

"That's what is going to make the difference in this election and push us across the finish line to victory," said Senator Roger Wicker. 

Both candidates traveled the state from top to bottom thanking supporters and asking for their help.  "Knock on the doors and call your friends and tell them we can change this economy and we can change the direction we are headed," said Former Governor Ronnie Musgrove.

The men are vying to fill the senate seat left vacant by Trent Lott and then serve out the final four years of his term.  The race that began back in January quickly became fierce with brutal attack ads.  Although questions remain on who will win Tuesday, there is no doubt voter turn out will be at record levels.

"I know Mississippi well enough to know if we get that large cross section of Mississippians to vote they will choose a senator like Senator Roger Wicker who is going to go up there and work in partnership with Senator Thad Cochran and not cancel out his vote at every opportunity," said Wicker.

"I won't go to washington and vote for the insider's vote for the special interests.  I will vote for the 2.9 million Mississippians.  Something tells me if Senator Cochran is doing the same thing we'll vote alike a lot of the time," said Musgrove.

Less than an hour ago, Ronnie Musgrove's campaign contacted the media claiming they got a hold of some Roger Wicker campaign materials.  It suggests Wicker is endorsing Democrats like Barack Obama. 

A campaign spokesperson for Wicker says the Senator has always supported John McCain.  They are trying to find out where this false information came from.

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