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Hurricane Camille Quick Facts

Hurricane Camille was one of only 2 Category 5 storms to strike the US coast between 1936 and 2002.   Hurricane Camille Quick Facts:-Hurricane Camille officially made landfall in the Bay St.    Louis area of Mississippi shortly before midnight on  August 17, 1969.-Category 5 hurricanes have winds over 155 miles per hour.-Hurricane Camille produced over $1.4 billion in damage     and caused 256 fatalities in the US.-Almost half of the deaths attributed to Camille occurred  after the storm was reduced to depression status. Many  drowned in rain soaked floods in the Appalachians,   hundreds of miles from the point of landfall.-The strongest hurricane in North Carolina’s history was  Hurricane Hazel, a Category 4 storm that made landfall  in 1954. -Camille’s pressure dropped to 26.61 inches of Mercury,   one of the lowest values ever recorded for an Atlantic


- Shortly before landfall, Camille’s hurricane force winds

  only extended about 60 miles out from the center of the

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