Peace rally held to combat violence - - Jackson, MS

Canton, MS 10/25/08

Peace rally held to combat violence

CANTON, MS (WLBT) - Residents in Canton gathered for a peace rally to take a stand against crime.

The event was held at Liberty Baptist Church Saturday afternoon.

Back in April, Oneida Manning's home was burned to the ground. She managed to escape with only the clothes on her back. Manning believes she was the victim of a gang retaliation.

At a peace rally Saturday, community members said it is time to take back their community and help put a stop to gang violence. Several guest speakers told residents it is important to be involved in the lives of the youth.

In addition, community activists urge residents to cooperate with police to help decrease crime in their area.

"We can rally together, we can come together as a community to rally behind her and say you know what we're not gonna stand for this. This will not be in my community and let us take a stand against those violence acts of crime such as this," said Minister Tony Davis, rally organizer.

Police have not charged anyone in this crime. Manning says she hopes to rebuild her home soon.

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