Musgrove, Wicker vie for veterans' votes - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 10/20/08

Musgrove, Wicker vie for veterans' votes

By David Kenney - bio | email  

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - This week U.S. Senate candidate Ronnie Musgrove is bringing in help to strengthen his support among veterans.  Monday a well known Virginia senator was in town, assisting him in his campaign, attending a veterans rally. 

World WarII veteran and well known Mississippi historian Bill Minor attended the rally in support of Musgrove.  Minor says he relies solely on the government for healthcare,  and the V.A.'s services have declined, and he's hoping the election will bring a change.

Minor says, "It needs to be more support than it's getting for the last several years it has been short changed and I can verify there's not enough people particularly doctors in the V.A."

Musgrove stood at the podium, surrounded by veterans of all ages, promising change, and challenging his opponents voting record on healthcare, job assistance and pay raises for vets.

Musgrove says, "Our veterans deserve better and Roger Wicker has been on the wrong side of important issues dealing with veterans."

Also critical of Wicker, Virginia Senator Jim Webb, author of a bill passed giving post-9/11 veterans educational benefits.

Webb says, "We didn't get much help from the incumbent Senators in Mississippi on that bill, I think it was a common sense vote if people did care about taking care of our troops not only today, but down the stretch for the rest of their lives."

Wicker campaign worker Ryan Annison responded saying, "Roger Wickers record for vets benefits is absolutely solid. He wouldn't be receiving the endorsement from the V.F.W. If it wasn't. Ronnie Musgrove's got no campaign no ideas, so he resorts to false attacks."


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