Crimestoppers: 3 suspects captured by security camera - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/23/08

Crimestoppers: 3 suspects captured by security camera

by David Kenney

When it comes to catching criminals in the act, surveillance video has evolved to become the most incriminating evidence to help close cases. Investigators in Jackson are hoping this video tape has the same effect, closing the murder case of Carlos Reed. The night of his murder, two men can be seen fleeing his Cypress Point apartment complex on Raymond Road. Police believe they're Reed's killers, and they were heavily armed.

"We know there are at least three people involved. You have the driver, you have at least two assailants, so what were hoping again is that somebody who may have seen something whether you think it's insignificant or not to please share that info with us," said Lt. Jeffery Scott.

When police reviewed the whole tape they saw the same vehicle over and over again in the parking lot driving suspiciously. At 12:19 the driver stops at the entrance and flashes his lights as if signaling someone, then leaves. At 1:24 the driver of the vehicle arrives, and turns around in the parking lot parks facing Raymond Roads, then turns off it's lights. Three minutes later, the suspected killers jump in the car, and they speed off.

"We believe the vehicles going to be a 1997-1999 Olds Cutlass maybe brown maybe pewter. We believe it has some type of chrome rims on it. Were hoping someone will come forward and id the owner of the vehicle," said Scott.

If you have any information about the men in this video tape, call Crime Stoppers at 355-TIPS, that's 355-8477. You could receive up to a thousand dollars for information that leads to an arrest in this case and remember, at Crime Stoppers you always remain anonymous.

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