Crimestoppers: Police Officer's Brother Found Shot to Death - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/16/08

Crimestoppers: Police Officer's Brother Found Shot to Death

By David Kenney

This week Crime Stoppers needs your help solving the capital city's 42nd homicide. It happened this week in a normally quiet south Jackson apartment complex.

36-year old Carlos Reed was found fatally shot in his in his Cypress Point Apartment around 3 a.m. on August 13th. A relative of Reed's made the gruesome discovery.

Jackson Police Lt. Jeffery Scott said, "We don't believe he was there long, we believe the shooting could have occurred anywhere between midnight and the time his body was found, that's based on info some of the witnesses gave us."

Reed was shot multiple times, and was found in his living room. The murder investigation is one close to the Jackson Police community.

Reed's brother is a five year veteran. One person was detained at the scene for questioning, but so far, no suspects have been developed.

"We're in the process of interviewing potential witnesses, individuals who live in the apartment complex who may have heard or seen something. There was some sign of a struggle inside the apartment, so again right now we're going to go where our evidence takes us," added Scott.

The motive in the killing remains a mystery.

Investigators say cooperation from the community could be key in catching Carlos Reed's killer. They're asking anyone with information to, call Crime Stoppers at 355-tips, that's 355-8477. You could receive up to a thousand dollars for any information that leads to an arrest in this case, and remember, at Crime Stoppers, we only want your information, not your name.

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