Ralph Nader Campaigns in Mississippi - WLBT.com - Jackson, MS

Jackson 07/26/08

Ralph Nader Campaigns in Mississippi

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader was at Lemuria Book Store in Jackson Saturday evening for a book signing and to drum up support for his Presidential campaign.

Nader, an independent candidate for President, is making stops in several southern states trying to get his name on the ballot for the November election. A small group was on hand to hear his position on issues including the environment, the federal budget and foreign policy.

Nader says he and his vice presidential running mate, Matt Gonzalez, are taking voters away from his Democratic and Republican opponents.

"There are now 3 polls indicating that the Nader/Gonzalez ticket is drawing more votes from McCain than they are from Obama," Nader said. "It's a...very volatile year, and we ought to get over this idea as if you are a third party or independent candidate somehow you are a second-class citizen."

Next up for Nader are campaign stops in Texas, Utah and California.

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