Three Killed in One Car Accident - - Jackson, MS

Holmes County 07/18/08

Three Killed in One Car Accident

By Bert Case

Two adults and a five-year-old child died in an automobile accident this morning. It happened about a mile north of Goodman, on U.S. 51.

A southbound vehicle straightened out a curve and crashed into a creek. The Geo Prism, which was partially submerged, was traveling too fast to make the curve. It went off to the right then went airborne, hitting the south bank of the creek.

A Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman says the three died instantly. They were identified as 63 year old maggie Bernice Brown of Goodman. MHP says she was driving but the family disputes that. 

Family members say the car's owner, 23 year old Courtney Southern of Peoria, Illinois, was the driver. She was also killed.

The other victim was five-year-old Brendashia Johnson of Pickens.

Three-year-old Shaneika Boyd survived and was treated and released from a Lexington hospital.

Sonny McCrory, owner of Sonny's Auto Repair, was one of the first on the scene.

Mccrory says "When I got there the car, was down in the creek, the tail end of the car, submerged in water. The car left the road some 150 feet north of the creek, headed south, jumped the box culvert, in the ditch and hit into the bank."

A witness told McCrory the car had passed her just before the accident, and it was traveling at a high rate of speed.

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