CONSIDER THIS: We Are Here to Represent You

CONSIDER THIS: We Are Here to Represent You

President Trump continues to be frustrated with media coverage that is not flattering, using terms like "disgusting fake news,' and in one presidential tweet, saying journalists "cause wars."

No doubt being President of the United States is a very demanding, difficult job. It must also be very frustrating that literally anything that any President does, or anyone for that matter, can be immediately criticized and vilified, no matter what it is, in this age of social media and 24/7 coverage.

The solution, however, can't be to demonize an important tentpole in democracy. It's our job to make sure elected and public officials are being honest and transparent.

At WLBT we may not engage with the President every day, but we do engage with state and local leaders. It is our responsibility to represent you and the nearly 3 million people that call Mississippi home. It's our job to hold people in office accountable for the promises they make, to make sure they are managing your money correctly and not operating secretly behind closed doors.

The questions we ask, the stories we cover, keep you, informed, and in the end, YOU, the voters, have all the power: not the media, not public officials, not even the President. That's what makes our democracy great.

We will continue to hold those in power accountable. If we don't, who does?

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