Madison Co. School District collects donations for student fire victims

Madison Co. School District collects donations for student fire victims
Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT
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MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Fire destroyed units at a Ridgeland apartment complex Monday, prompting the Madison County School District to take action.

They are also working to assist the victims of a July fire in Ridgeland.

These devastating fires hit home for the district because they affect the lives of two students.

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One child lived at the Van Mark Apartments, where four units were destroyed.

The other lived at the fire ravaged Sunchase Apartments.

When fire ripped through the Van Mark apartments in Ridgeland Monday, Olde Towne Middle School assistant principal Rebecca Hurst knew she had to do something.

One of her students and her family lost everything.

Tuesday morning, Hurst took to social media asking for donations.

She said the responses were overwhelming.

People throughout the community began dropping off clothing items for the family at the Olde Towne Middle School office.

"We don't want them coming here trying to worry about their clothes or anything that was lost," said Hurst. "We want them to come ready to receive the education that we're trying to serve and give them so we're just trying to meet those needs so that they're ready to come into the classroom and learn."

Olde Towne is also collecting items for a students who lost her home in the Sunchase Apartments, where 24 units were destroyed.

The donations will be divided between the families.

The community is reaching out to help.

"I wanted to make sure that those children are taken care of," said donor Donna May, the mother of Hurst. "The Madison County area very much wants to help take care of our people, and they'll pretty much do whatever they need to."

The district is now requesting gift cards for donations instead of clothing and household items.

The older brother of the recent Olde Towne student is a 2018 Ridgeland High school graduate, entering Mississippi State University as a freshman.

He is moving in this weekend and also lost all of his college supplies.

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