CONSIDER THIS: Weather Alert Days

CONSIDER THIS: Weather Alert Days

July and August are the hottest months in Mississippi, and this weekend the heat will be intense. In fact, the weather will be so hot we are bringing extra attention to the conditions implementing Weather Alert Days for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

An ALERT DAY signals the forecast of a significant weather event that could have substantial impact or endanger the life and property for viewers in our area.  This designation is meant to bring extra attention to the potential threatening weather conditions, so you can be prepared.

Since the declaration this week is related to the severe heat, you should…

  • Stay inside if possible and check on elderly neighbors or anyone who could be affected by the dangerous conditions. If you have children, leave something in your backseat so you will double-check your car or truck to make sure no one is left in the vehicle. And if you have pets, make sure they have water and a cool place to stay.
  • When the First Alert Weather Team declares Alert Days it’s often because they expect severe thunderstorms or winter weather bringing ice or snow. In this case, we are bringing extra attention because this heat is dangerous. Please take it seriously and take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe.

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