CONSIDER THIS: Stop the Spillway Littering

CONSIDER THIS: Stop the Spillway Littering

ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (WLBT) - Less than one year ago, September 2017, the Ross Barnett Spillway was closed to fishing so volunteers could pick up trash and debris along the Pearl River. Now the area next to the spillway is once again covered in litter.

It's hard to understand how people can be so inconsiderate and unconcerned about keeping the area clean.

"I see a lot of trash down in the rocks, it's not so bad in the parking lot but in the rocks. You'll see the shopping bags and the lure containers, and the bait containers, empty beverage cans, and things that people should take home with them because they brought them out there. Why don't you take it home? But they don't." Pearl River Valley Water Supply district director John Sigman

"Just trash everywhere. It ain't as bad as it used to be, but it's getting bad again. I've seen baby diapers for one, I mean there's been needles found in the parking lot. There's been some weird stuff out here." John Breland, Fisherman

Officials are discussing options to address the problem, like requiring trash containers for anyone using the area, requiring fishing permits or just closing the area all together. Maybe the answer is all the above. Shutdown the area one month, have another clean sweep, implement a fishing permit system, and require people who use the area to have trash container. Then hold people accountable… fine anyone breaking the rules and revoke their permit. Punish the people creating the problem, but don't take away the privileges for the people who respect the area and keep it clean.

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