New laws went into effect this week and one deals with people who like to camp in the left lane when driving. The new guidelines apply to any road with at least four lanes stating a vehicle should not impede traffic in the left lane.

People who violate the law will receive a fine. The new law specifies drivers should only use the left lane for passing unless there are circumstances – like road construction in the right lane – that would prevent right lane driving.

It's annoying to get behind someone driving slowly in the left lane and it's unsafe. Hopefully the new law will help motivate left lane drivers to move to the right.

And while we are talking about changing lanes, please remember to move over, and slow down, when there is a vehicle on the side of the road. Too many times people speed by in the lane next to law enforcement, emergency responders, construction workers or drivers with car trouble parked on the shoulder.

Just like the new left-lane law, there is also a move over law in Mississippi.

Pay attention when you're driving, and drive in the correct lane. It's the law and it makes the roads safer for all of us.

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