CONSIDER THIS: Remembering Mississippians

CONSIDER THIS: Remembering Mississippians

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Well known Mississippians Paul Ott Carruth and Brad Dye passed away this week.

Carruth loved Mississippi and brought positive attention to the state through his program, Mississippi Outdoors, and television and radio show, Listen to the Eagle, a popular, folksy show that combined his love for the outdoors and his commitment to his faith. More recently, Carruth brought national attention to a medical condition that receives little attention, male breast cancer, when he was diagnosed with the rare disease.

Brad Dye was lieutenant governor of Mississippi and held the position longer than any other person, before term limits began, serving from 1980 to 1992. Dye was a democrat and moved up in the political ranks in the days when most Mississippians voted democrat. Today many of those conservative Mississippi Democrats, Blue Dogs, are now Republicans. In fact, it was rise of the Republican party in the state, following the Reagan revolution, when Dye lost the Lt. Governor seat Eddie Briggs when he and Kirk Fordice were elected to the state's top two seats as the first Republicans since Reconstruction.

Carruth and Dye left their mark in different ways, but they both loved our state and they left it better than they found it.

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