CONSIDER THIS: Cleaning Up the Water Billing Mess

CONSIDER THIS: Cleaning Up the Water Billing Mess

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Earlier this year the city revealed there was more than $20 million in missing revenue after discovering a third of the city's residents do not get water bills. For a city struggling for revenue, recovering that money is critical.

There was some good news this week from Jackson Public Works Director Robert Miller who announced thousands of people who have not been charged for water are now starting to receive bills.

Even though it is only about 20 percent of the original total, that still means millions of dollars in fees will now be collected. Miller expects to have nearly 100 percent of the billing issues resolved by October.

That would be a significant accomplishment.

There are many, many issues facing Jackson, but the city is making progress addressing some of the challenges that were inherited when the current administration took office. As we have shared before, Bob Miller has done a good job addressing the infrastructure issues and getting results. He is also available and transparent, unlike some former city leaders who preferred to operate behind closed doors and shared minimal information.

Jackson can be saved. It needs to be saved. Whether it is repairing a pothole, tearing down a dilapidated building, reducing crime creating a safe city, or fixing the water billing system, it all adds up. Success creates more success.

As our Capital City, we all need to help Jackson succeed.

Rather than giving up, get involved and see how you can help make that happen.

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