CONSIDER THIS: We Need to Vote

CONSIDER THIS: We Need to Vote

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Last week, primary elections for some key positions took place across the state.

The people elected to represent us cast votes that impact how much we pay in taxes, the funding Mississippi receives for road and bridge improvements, health benefits, and many of our very important rights we have as Americans.

However, and you probably won't be surprised by what I am getting ready to say, the number of people who took the time to vote was anemic.

It's amazing, and sad, that headlines tout a strong turnout for the Mississippi U.S. Senate democratic primary, even though that turnout was only around 100,000 -- in reality a very small percentage of the registered voters -- of a state with nearly three million people.

There is a runoff in that senate race and a runoff to select the Republican candidate in the 3rd District Congressional race. The turnout for those elections will be even less than the original primary.

With today's political environment it's easy to understand why voters are disengaged with the process.

However, it is as important as ever for us to vote. Too many lives have been lost, too many people have fought for this right for us to be so apathetic and neglect this responsibility.

I challenge you make sure you cast a ballot in the next election and help reverse this troubling trend.

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