MHP annual youth camp underway in Raymond - - Jackson, MS

MHP annual youth camp underway in Raymond

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Now that school is out and summer is in, the challenge is finding something constructive for the kids to do.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol Troopers Coalition has provided a solution to that problem for the past five years: sponsoring their annual youth camp.

The youth camp started June 10th and ends June 15th.

There's plenty to do, but sitting around playing video games is not on the agenda.

"We'll interact in some competitive sports that they'll play against their peers as well as against their instructors," said Trooper Chad Moore. "We'll also take the different field trips, such as to the federal courthouse, the Mississippi Highway Patrol building. We're also going to the museum of natural science in order for them to do archery. A lot of these kids have never done archery before and that's one of the things we will partake in."

"It helped me by learning to obey my parents and it helped me by treating others with respect, grown people with respect instead of just disrespecting them saying yes instead of yes sir and no ma'am," said camper Christopher Coleman.

Coleman says he now wants to be a state trooper one day.

The camp launched 20 years ago, but reopened five years ago after a brief break.

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