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3 on the Road: Delta Day Lilies

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Three on the Road is in a Delta backyard this week to take a look at a gardening hobby that exploded. That’s what happened at John and Frankie Oswalt’s daylily garden near Cleveland. We just got word that John passed away recently. So I’m really glad we got to meet so we can take look at the color he cultivated in his backyard. It will a part of his legacy for years to come.

Over the years I have done a jillion daylily stories; daylily patches and daylily festivals and daylily grower meetings. It’s amazing the variety and colors and textures of daylilies that have been developed. Everywhere you go you can find a daylily grower. We ran across Delta Daylilies up in Cleveland the other day. This is John Oswalt and his wife Frankie’s project. And it started small enough.

Aw, we just started picking up a few now and then and just, it got, kind of, got big on us and then I decided to give up my vegetable garden out here and we put it all in daylilies. We’ve just been doing it, oh seven years and just keep adding on," said John Oswalt.

"What do you like about them?" asked Walt.

"Aw, I like to look at the colors, that’s what I like," said John. "I come out here on the patio every morning. No racket, no nothing and I can look at my flowers and drink my coffee. Now that's what I like. I enjoy it very much."

They’re about at their peak right now. How long do you expect them to bloom?" asked Walt.

Probably another two months. Another two months. About the end of August they’ll slow down," said John. "We’ll have a few late bloomers because they’ll re-bloom. We’re about to run out of room. I’m going to have to quit. But you’ll notice over there I’ve got a new bed I’m fixing to redo. So it’s a little more work. But if you don’t enjoy it, you’re not going to do it. You got to enjoy it. And we really enjoy it."

Frankie, she does this. I still public work. And she takes care of it during the day. I help her on the weekends. I come home off my public paying job and I come home to a non-paying job. That’s what happens. We enjoy it, though. We really do.

And that’s about the best pay you can get. Enjoyment. And growing something so many other people enjoy, too.

And those NON-paying jobs John talks about are often the best.

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