GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Scott County, MS authorities investigating anima - - Jackson, MS

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Scott County, MS authorities investigating animal cruelty case

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The Scott County Sheriff's Department is investigating an animal cruelty case at a local deer camp. Sheriff Mike Lee confirmed this for MSNewsNow.

“Right now officially I can say we are investigating an animal cruelty case at a local deer camp where two dogs were left malnourished. One had died due to not being fed at the time of the investigation. The other has been removed from the camp," Sheriff Lee told us. "We are going to interview members of the camp and we will turn over our findings to the district attorneys office for prosecution. “

K. D. Watkins, co-owner of the dogs seen in the pictures at the deer camp released a statement on the abuse allegations saying: 

As a co-owner of the hunting dog found at the deer camp in Scott Count, I would like to provide more information on the situation. These dogs are more than just animals to us. They are family. These dogs have sufficient food, water, shade and shelter. The one dog that was found deceased had a name. It was Rolley. Our children named him.

The male that is providing all information that has been reported is a disgruntled ex member. Actually, he was the president of our club for the 2017/2018 hunting season. In April, he proceeded to consume too much alcohol and hit a 70-year-old man with Parkinson’s in his face, leading to reconstructive surgery. Following this incident, all of his privileges as a member of our camp were stripped from him.

We believe that our baby, Rolley, was poisoned by this disgruntled ex member who just so happened to show up and take pictures. Rolley and Polley (our other hunting dog) were perfectly fine Tuesday with plenty of food and water when we left the camp.

A lot of the pictures that were provided were of pens that had not been used in over a year so yes, they were grown up with old water in buckets. Look closely. There are NO dogs in these pens!

I will personally be meeting with the sheriff and Undersheriff at SCSO first thing Monday morning.

A viewer tells us that PETA, MARL MDEQ, and MDWFP were all trying to help the dogs but their calls were not answered.

We are following this developing story. We will update this as new information becomes available. 

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