New residential regulations at the reservoir - - Jackson, MS

New residential regulations at the reservoir

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If you park or store your boats in the Reservoir area or have just about anything on wheels, changes may be on the way.

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District board is in the process of changing its current policies regarding residential subdivisions.

John Sigman, the president of the reservoir board says, if passed, boats and other watercraft or all-terrain vehicles must be stored in an enclosed garage, carport or rear yard. 

"Tires have to be inflated, it says that right there. It has to be clean and neat and there are people that object to that," said Sigman. "Residents will no longer be allowed to park their vehicles in public streets or rights-of-way; sidewalks, like those behind me, or front yards like this one."

There are exceptions to this; non-reoccurring gatherings, like parties, and visitors.

Critics say they should be free to do what they want with their property. Sigman says they're just not looking at the bigger picture. 

"It is a struggle. Someone says I moved down here to enjoy recreation and that's why I park my boat in the driveway," said Sigman. "But the boat; the tires are flat, has an inch of straw on it because it hasn't been moved in ten years."

Some residents say they are grateful for the changes.

"If you go through a neighborhood and there is a car parked in the grass it's an eyesore," said one resident.

"Riders have almost been hit several times just because cars being parked on both sides and cars whipping in here fast as they can and you don't even have a place to ride your bike around," she added.

With the leases that the district has with homeowners and commercial property owners being the only source of income for the district, keeping it nice is important. 

"It's a very desirable area to live in so we want to keep it that way," added Sigman.

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