MSU got over distractions & into the postseason - - Jackson, MS

MSU got over distractions & into the postseason

Rough waters in the beginning of the season for the Bulldogs, but coach Henderson and MSU stuck together and got back on track.

They play the Oklahoma Sooners on Friday in the sunshine state, he spoke on what it took to get them over the hump and into the post season. 

Well I think it starts with a really....really great group of kids. And I think just as important as the quality of people on your coaching staff. And everybody's got to come together, there's got to be trust developed on the fly, so to speak. I mean we met on the morning of 21st when we traveled to Jackson to begin a 12 day road trip. And that's unheard of what those kids went through and what we went through as a staff. You got to jump on board You know there's no shortage of distraction there for any short term, you may have noticed. But our kids did a great job," said Henderson.

MSU will play in Tallahassee this Friday at 11 a.m. on ESPNU.

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