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Woman leaves children in hot car

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Dr. P. Kumar is a pediatrician at Hinds County Comprehensive Health Center. He says under no circumstances should any child be left in a car, let alone a hot one. 

"Even for a very short time do not leave the baby in the car and get out of the car to get something," he said.

Jackson Police say that's exactly what one woman did Wednesday when she left three young children locked in a minivan.

A person walking thru the parking lot saw the children and called police.

When first responders arrived on scene the youngest child was having difficulty breathing. All of the children were treated on scene and released. 

Although it is illegal to leave children unattended in vehicles it happens more often than people know. Ryan Miller is an EMT with the AMR Ambulance Service in Jackson.

"You don't hear about a lot of them because fortunately, you have a good outcome," Miller said.

Dr. Kumar says the dangers of leaving a young child in a hot car can be catastrophic.

"The baby's heart starts working abnormally, the brain starts acting abnormally and then the baby goes into sort of a heart failure," he added. 

If you come across a situation where a child is in distress Kumar says you should first,

"Wake the baby up, take off all the clothing of the baby, take the baby under the shade," Dr. Kumar advises.

Dr. Kumar wants adults to know that running into a store to pick something up even for a second is not worth losing a child.

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