Air Force vet searching for missing service dog - - Jackson, MS

Air Force vet searching for missing service dog

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Memorial Day Weekend is great for bringing family and veterans together. But one vet this Memorial Day weekend is missing a key part of her family

Patricia Wolcott, a veteran of the Air Force, has several dogs and is a lover of animals, but she currently is missing the main pup to her pack. 

Buddy, her service dog, has been missing for days. Wolcott suffers from depression and PTSD. And the person who's helped her through the tough times has always been, Buddy. 

"I started using service dogs because my whole world was, you know, I didn't want to go out because of the PTSD," said Wolcott. "I'm very leery of people and besides the night sweats and everything else that comes with PTSD and the nightmares, I have a fear and having a dog with me at all times, it helps me, it makes me want to be out in the world more."

While Wolcott was mowing her lawn, Buddy and Ruger, his three-legged friend, chased a rabbit towards the road. Ruger came back, but Buddy wasn't seen or heard from after that. It's been tough on her and her family, and especially on her this Memorial Day Weekend.

"He needs to come home, he needs to come back to me, because I can't train another one, I can't lose another one," added Wolcott. "I want to be able to do things, I want to go out and take care of things, and work with the rescues and stuff like that. And I just can't do that without my sidekick, you know I need him."

Buddy also did more than just relieve stress for Wolcott, he actually saved her life once.

"I have sleep apnea and my machine, my cat sat on my machine and it shut off and my heart must have stopped, because he woke me up and when I came awake, it was "gasps" from the sleep apnea, so I need buddy back, " said Wolcott.

According to Wolcott there are several dogs that have been reported missing in Smith County, and they all have one thing in common, they're all pure breeds.

If you know anything about buddy's disappearance or the other dogs in the area, be sure to reach out to police, or contact WLBT and FOX 40.

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