The Community says goodbye to Frances Fortner - - Jackson, MS

The Community says goodbye to Frances Fortner

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The senior was killed in a tragic accident last week on her way to her high school graduation rehearsal. But Saturday wasn't about her death, it was about the awesome person she was; a senior, headed to college in the fall, with the whole world in her hands

Hundreds came to say goodbye to Frances Anne Fortner. They were her school friends, best friends...her forever friends. 

Her mom and dad, hand in hand, gave comfort to each other as they were surrounded by people who loved the daughter that they say was the light of their lives. 

Frances Fortner was a force to be reckoned with. Fortner was strong, passionate and driven.

"She was fiery, she wanted everything done right. She ran the school. She's what kept it up. She's what kept all of us up," said Gabi Jones, a classmate of Fortner's.

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Fortner was an artist. She was a filmmaker.

"War without causalities, public services without taxes, rights without obligations," Fortner said in a piece that she wrote and directed on YouTube.

A storyteller
"Everything since the beginning of time will equate to nothing just like in the beginning," She said in another YouTube clip.

A dancer.
"I put every emotion I ever had into each rand de jambe and chaine," she said in another clip

"She put all of herself into everything that she did. It was her," added Jones.  "That doesn't make sense I'm sorry." 

But it does and that's why the pews were full Saturday.  

She might be gone but she told her story the way that she wanted to and the message will live forever.
"All the little things. All the big things because they are what shape you into who you are," Fortner said softly as she turned in circles smiling at the camera. 

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