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Hinds County Supervisor feeds homeless at park

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Hinds County District 5 Supervisor, Bobby McGowan spent the afternoon handing out free lunches to the homeless, despite the rain!

Otis Bolton is one of the men who picked up lunch Saturday. Bolton is from Kosciusko, but comes to Ineva Mae Pittman Park (formerly Poindexter Park) for lunch just about every weekend he can.

"I look forward to it throughout the week," said Bolton, happily holding his Styrofoam container filled with beans, mashed potatoes, and a burger. "My favorite part about it is meeting people, and getting to eat, and being to - just talking and enjoying it!"

When he goes to the park, Bolton gets to meet people like Edward Jackson, who chose a plate of ribs instead of the burger or hotdog others were eating.

"It's real good! It's so perfect! And everybody wants something to eat!" exclaimed Jackson.

McGowan put on the lunch, he says, to respond to the needs of the community.

"We don't let the people know enough how much we do care about them," said Supervisor McGowan. "In order to show people that you do care, you have to do so many things. And being on the ground with them, that's what it's all about." 

The lunch does more than just fill people's bellies; it also lifts their spirits.

"You know, instead of bad things happening all the time, you know there's so much killings and everything right now. This is like the best time you can have, here or at church or somewhere," added Bolton.

"Hey, look, maybe the world could be better, in what you can't do for yourself," added Jackson.

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