Belhaven vehicle break-ins - - Jackson, MS

Belhaven vehicle break-ins

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

One Belhaven woman is trying to pick up the pieces, literally, after her car was broken into while she slept just 20 feet away. She is just one of nearly a dozen victims in her neighborhood.

"So here is where he broke into. There are still shards of glass," said Mandy Williams as she pointed toward the broken car window

When Williams opened her door early Tuesday morning she had no idea that just 5 hours before someone had knocked out her car window and stolen her purse. While doing so, the thief  left evidence that pointed to an injury.

"Well all the blood was right here and on the console," added Williams.

According to the officers that alerted her to the break in, her car was the last in a series of 11 broken into early Tuesday morning.  And the crazy part is that no car alarms went off. The person knew what he was doing.

Williams says she foolishly left her purse in the car, and the thief took full advantage.

"The man that broke into my car used it to buy $125 worth of cigarettes and gum," she said.

But this might have been a good thing. According to the Walgreens Manager, the suspect was caught on surveillance video making the purchases.

We spoke with Sgt. Holmes with the Jackson Police Department. He says they are taking the break-ins very seriously.

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