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Jackson NFL fans share their thoughts on the new NFL national anthem rule

Source: NFL/FOX Source: NFL/FOX

On the heels of Wednesday’s announcement of a new NFL rule requiring players to either stand during the national anthem or stay in the locker room, local NFL fans spoke their minds about the new rule.

“I think it’s an overreach, I think it’s a clear overreach,” said Keia Johnson. “It’s reaching too far into a player’s personal autonomy with what they want to stand by and what they want to protest, ways they want to express themselves. I understand as an employer, you have to think about profit and what your consumers want but your consumers are very broad and very diverse and I don’t think they’ll appreciate a policy like that.”

Derrick Anderson said he doesn’t have an issue with the players kneeling, as long as the protests are non-violent.

“They could’ve tried something like the people who do want to stand can stand but the people who want to stand can kneel,” Anderson said. “I don’t think they’re causing anyone any harm or anything. It’s not like they’re saying anything bad against their country, they’re just saying there are some things they don’t agree with what's going on in the country and them taking a knee is their way to show their disagreement in a non-violent type way. So, I don’t think anything is wrong with it.”

Lance Moberg was very outspoken about the new rule and said it’s not fair for people to assume the reason behind the players kneeling.

“The whole world is in an upheaval over violence,” said Moberg said. ‘So, if somebody wants to kneel, I don’t see what the big deal is. You can play football and get traumatic brain injuries for money but you can’t kneel just to speak your heart. That’s a double standard, that is totally biased, and I think it’s evil.”

Justin Hardiman also disagreed with the new rule change and said there should be another option for players who do want to protest.

“They can put their fist up or anything like that, they don’t have to kneel,” said Hardiman. “It’s the symbolic meaning to it that gives it value. The NFL is trying to sweep it under the rug and take the voices away from people that have power. People are bringing awareness to it and awareness is important, just like breast cancer or anything else.”

The NFL Players Association released a statement following the announcement of the new rule change, stating it would challenge parts that are not aligned with the collective bargaining agreement. 

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