CONSIDER THIS: Things Must Change

CONSIDER THIS: Things Must Change

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - I didn't know Frances 'Franny' Fortner, but I wish I had. She must have been an amazing person. I wish I could comfort her parents, but how?

As I read each story or post, all the wonderful things shared about a wonderful young lady, it was very emotional. I have a daughter who is a high school senior who will graduate in a few weeks. I can't begin to imagine the pain of losing her.

We were in a meeting at the station when we first heard there was an accident.  As the details came out, the reality set in.  One family's life has changed forever.  One young, talented daughter and friend to so many is gone.

We now know the reason was a recently repaired manhole cover that seemed to have come loose.

A freaking open manhole cover.

One that was reported... multiple times. How could the city not fix it? How could a police officer not park in front of it? How could orange barrels or barricades not be placed in front of it?

Now today, a family is broken.  And this city is broken.  The time for change is NOW.  It's not just a flat tire from a pothole.  A life has been lost.  Crime headlines roll before our eyes daily. And the homicide rate in Jackson is at record setting pace.

The Mayor envisioned a radical new city, and if that is going to happen, something radical needs to take place. What we are doing simply isn't working.  The time is NOW for every one of us to stand-up, get involved and turn this city around.

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