Trophy and Tournament talk at Ferriss Trophy ceremony - - Jackson, MS

Trophy and Tournament talk at Ferriss Trophy ceremony

The Ferriss Trophy ceremony served as another celebration of Mississippi college baseball. Monday was an opportunity to talk to Ferriss winner Nick Sandlin about winning the prestigious award. 

We also got to talk to the Big 3 head coaches about their respective conference tournaments.

Mike Bianco (#4 Ole Miss on SEC Tournament)

"We got a pretty good resume going in. But when you get to this point, all you can do is add to that resume. Certainly when you play in the number 1 baseball conference in the country, and you're playing on that stage in Hoover, the better you can perform, the better it is for postseason.

Scott Berry (#11 Southern Miss on C-USA Tournament)

"We're going to stay consistent with what we've done since the beginning of the year. I don't see why we would change anything at this time. We're at a one game at a time approach. The most important game on the schedule is Wednesday 4 o'clock versus UAB. And we'll move from there."

Gary Henderson (#25 Mississippi State on SEC Tournament)

"We got a couple minor injuries that we've got to take a look at who's available and if they're not available, what are we going to do to change the lineup around just a little bit. Not much reflection, you gotta go ahead and get into the middle of Tuesday's game."

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