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Kingston Frazier May Day Celebration

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It was a bittersweet day for the friends and family of Kingston Frazier as they celebrated his life; a life they say was taken too soon.

"He just loved playing with his friends and his cousins," said Haydenne Archie says talking about her younger cousin, Kingston. "He didn't really have a lot of electronics. He just enjoyed playing outside." 

Kingston's older brother, William, came out Sunday and he brought the whole gang. He started to remember an incident when his little brother got in trouble.

"Yeah yeah yeah, that was funny. He and Jamal was arguing and he tried to swing and hit Jamal with the umbrella but he hit the TV instead."

When asked what happened after that? With a sly smile that only a big brother could have. He said, "He got a whoopin."

Kingston's grandmother, Lynn Winston says he was always her sidekick. For example, when she wanted to see a movie and no one else did.

"He went with me. He slept but he went with me."

As hot dogs and chicken cooked on the grill and the kids played, the adults were reminded that there was still one little boy missing from the crowd.

"Not often do you lose a family member such as we did Kingston. I mean it's going to always be in our hearts," said Winston.

As the sun started to set, all the children gathered together in front of a big picture of Kingston. Then on the count of three, they all said:

"Long Live Kingston."

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