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3 on the Road: Strawberry Plains Plant Sale

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It’s a quiet 26-hundred acres of woodlands in north Mississippi near Holly Springs. It started out as Chickasaw Indian land. Then it became a cotton plantation after the U.S. Government parceled out the property.

During the Civil War, the Davis House on the plantation was burned. The only house in the Holly Springs area burned by Union troops during the occupation. The house sat like that for over a hundred years, finally restored in the 1960s.

Now, the house and the acreage are the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center. There’s a bunch of Audubon Centers across the country. Mitch Robinson tells us.

“The purpose is mainly to educate and inform the public about the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship,” said Mitch.

Mitch is the education director at Strawberry Plains and says the old cotton fields have been allowed to go back to woodlands.

“So we manage the forest for wildlife habitat. So we’re not really in the interest of managing our forest for timber production," added Mitch. "So everything we do in terms of the species we plant. The ones we remove, it’s all for enhancing habitat for our native wildlife.”

Which brings us to one of the most popular events they have at Strawberry Plains, their annual native plant sale. It’s a Friday and Saturday event at Strawberry Planes, and it’s for more than just helping people spruce up their yards, although it does that, too. It’s to help spread habitat.

“Native plants are plants that are indigenous to the region prior to European civilization," said Mitch. "And the importance is not just the heritage of Mississippi but it’s really unique and significant for supporting wildlife. To be able to support birds you need to have the insects that they feed on and those insects only feed on native vegetation.”

Make time to hike the nature trails and pop your head inside the old Davis house while you are there. The house is supposed to be haunted, by the way. But whether it is or not, you will manage to get in touch with at least ONE spirit while you are in the quiet woods hiking. You own.

And you can take a sample of those woods home with you during the plant sale at Strawberry Plains Audubon Center at Holly. 

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