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Mississippi's unemployment rate is near record lows

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Mississippi's unemployment rate is close to the lowest it's ever been. That stat shows people are working. But the other exciting news is that there are more jobs available. April's job figures were the second highest on record for the state.

Willie Jones and her colleagues talk to job seekers daily.

"The work is there," said Jones. "I know within our company, we are continually putting people to work.”

Jones owns Dependable Source Corps of Mississippi that connects folks to available jobs. The trucking industry is one that has available training in the state.

"It's the one opportunity where there are jobs available 365 days a year," she said. "Probably if I had 25 drivers today, right now, in my office, in the next few days they'd be going to work in full-time careers that pay anywhere from 35-60,000 dollars a year."

They also focus on home health careers, but Jones also tries to help women think outside the box on options, whether that be in transportation or construction. While she's encouraged by the drop in unemployment numbers, she doesn't think they tell the full story.

"When we're looking at employment, are we looking at real employment?" asked Jones. "Some people are employed but they're underemployed. They're not making enough to really change their quality of life. That's what we need to look at, jobs that transform individuals and puts them and their families to where they're really thriving in Mississippi."

The state also continues to recruit big industries. Continental Tire has already started filling jobs and plans to create 25-hundred total by 2028.
Even before Continental started the building phase, Hinds Community College was helping build its workers with training tailor-made for the industry.

State officials have said workforce training is a key component in attracting even more new business to the state.

If you're looking for a job, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security has an ongoing job openings list. Click here to search.

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