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Drainage issues causing church cancellations


Members of the Word Center Church have been finding trouble getting to mass on Sundays. That's because on days when it rains the street floods and becomes impassable. The church is on Executive place, which is a small business district. 

But the business, foot traffic, and now the church have become a hassle for everyone driving by. Lead Pastor, Roderick Richardson has had to turn away church members to make sure that no one gets stuck in the waters whenever it floods. 

"We've had to cancel services in the past due to the rising water and poor drainage on our Tuesday's when we have our bible study and we've had to delay some Sundays until the water rescinded due to the poor drainage issues," said Richardson. "The street would flood and the parking lot would flood and that would disallow our members to reach their destination. We've been told in the past that this area wasn't a priority as it relates to fixing the drainage because they can fix it however it would take an exorbitant amount of money."

Because of the heavy rains the church sometimes has to stream mass live or wait until later in the day for the water to drain. 

The church is down the street from one of the largest sorority offices in the state, and also a Jackson city council member's law firm. But for now, the church members will have to wait out the waters next time it rains.

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