Boss Sweet Potato Queen attends Barbara Bush's funeral - - Jackson, MS

Boss Sweet Potato Queen attends Barbara Bush's funeral


Mississippi author of 9 best-selling books and "boss" Sweet Potato Queen Jill Conner Brown attended Former First Lady Barbara Bush's funeral Saturday afternoon. Jill spoke about her most memorable moments with Barbara Bush.

"But, you know, what Mrs. Bush has done with the Literacy Foundation. The benefits are incalculable to our country and the world. Frederick Douglas said that once you learn to read, you are forever free. I always thanked her at every event cause she made my momma proud of me," said Jill.

"I have two #! New York Times best sellers, nine books all best sellers. I never heard my momma tell a single soul about my books because they're a little spicy. But anybody that got within three feet of her, momma would say have you seen this photo of my daughter and her husband with Barbara Bush and her husband?

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